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A unique project

A unique project
Parkside is a modern European residential complex designed according to the best global standards. It consists of 87 hectares of territory, 40 residential buildings with a height of 4-6 floors and a unique infrastructure. There are no analogues in Ukraine. It is being built on the Lviv ring-road, which is 10 km from the center of Lviv. The term of construction is 15 years. The architect of the project is O. Buha.
The prototype of the complex is a modern residential district of Warsaw - Nowy Wilanów.
Unique infrastructure
Lviv ring-road, 450 ha forest park
The north-eastern side of Parkside overlooks the Lviv ring-road, and the north-western side – the 450-hectare forest park with recreation centers and lakes. Wealthy cottage towns and low-rise residential complexes are located near the complex.
40 residential buildings with shops
The residential part of Parkside is represented by 40 identical 4-6-story houses with cozy courtyards and office and commercial premises on the first floors.
2 schools, 12 kindergartens, 5 stadiums, 2 hospitals
Parkside’s social infrastructure is the largest in Ukraine. It will be created through a private-public partnership. Education in kindergartens and schools will be provided on the basis of Finnish experience, which is stipulated by the contract with the Finnish education exporter company Lumo Education.
20 hectares of parks, lake, water park
In the center of Parkside there is a large recreation area with alleys, squares, artificial lake, children's and sports grounds. On the side of the ring-road - water recreation park with swimming pools (Kristall Therme Berlin is taken as a prototype).
12 000 ground and underground parking lots
Parking lots for cars are located near buildings, shopping center water park. Multi-level parking lots will be placed around the perimeter of the complex. All residents of the complex will be provided with parking spaces.
Shopping and entertainment center
Shopping and entertainment center is located in the front part of the complex on the side of the ring-road. It’s total area is about 20,000 m² and it will bedivided into two phases. It is assumed that grocery retailer Silpo will be the main tenant in this premises and a preliminary agreement on this has already been concluded.
Unique houses

Unique houses

Safety, comfort and space
The height of 4-6 floors is the most comfortable for living and is rarely found in new buildings. Large courtyards of 50x50 m without any cars under the windows create safety, coziness and space. Shops and salons are located on the first floors of buildings, and schools, stadiums, kindergartens and parkings are within walking distance.
Comfortable apartments for 1-6 people
У Parkside два типи квартир: компактні (на 1-3 особи) і просторі (на 4-6 осіб). Перші мають площу 42-69 м², 1-2 спальні по 14 м² та велику кухню-вітальню 3×7,7 м². А другі – площу 71-111 м², 2-3 спальні по 14-18 м² та розкішну кухню-студію 4×7,9 м². Квартир такого класу за 570 $/м² з ремонтом на ринку Львова немає.
Whitebox renovation
Parkside apartments are transferred to their new owners with a Whitebox renovation, which includes: erecting partitions, plastering and priming ofceiling and walls, floor screed, wiring and pipes, meters and radiators installations. Whitebox is the most difficult, dirtiest and most expensive part of the repair, which takes up to 80% of its cost and time and allows you to quickly jump to the creative part of the repair.
Utility costs are up to 40% lower
Parkside houses will have the highest energy efficiency level in Ukraine due to the wide body, bagel shape, warm walls and energy-saving windows. They are also equipped with economical, energy recovery elevators, an economical roof boiler room, energy saving diode lamps for lighting entrances, etc.
Modern European sewage treatment faciliities
The manufacturer of these facilities is a Polish company Biopax. They do not produce any smell and dirt which is typical for of existing sewerages in many Ukrainian cities.
They do not have the accidents inherent in the overloaded and worn-out sewage systems of Ukraine.
And they havelower service charger than in most cities and towns of Lviv region.
Unique price


Ціна з ремонтом від 570 $/м²
The price of Parkside is the lowest in the region with high indicators of quality and comfort. Such a price is achieved by reducing the cost of construction with special
tools that do not degrade quality. Among them: large-scale construction, round houses of the same type, technologies of balanced construction (Building Information Modeling), own production of concrete, private-public partnership and others. Together, these tools are used in Ukraine for the first time.
Mortgage 5% per year for up to 10 years
Such a mortgage is provided to employees of the complex and families of young professionals with children in the amount of up to 70% of the cost of the apartments. For other buyers, installments are available
до 5 років. Іпотека 5% є найдешевшою в країні. Вона надається забудовником за рахунок власних коштів.
Investment income from 10% per year
As the project develops, the value of Parkside real estate will increase, making its purchase a profitable investment. This growth is estimated at more than 10% per year, because
in 4-6 years Parkside will turn from a poorly equipped suburb into a comfortable European town with the best infrastructure in the region.

Parkside location

20 minutes to the center of Lviv
It takes 10 km by bus or 8 km by train from Parkside to the center of Lviv. The location near the train station is a big advantage of Parkside, which allows you to reach the city center in 20 minutes, bypassing the traffic. This advantage will become especially noticeable in 4-6 years, when Lviv will expand, there will be more traffic jams, and Parkside will launch its own electric train.
Clean ecology
The Parkside plot is located in one of the most ecologically clean places in the region with the absence of industrial production, picturesque nature, recreation centers and lakes.
Friendly neighbors
The Parkside site is located in one of the most socially prosperous places in the region with affluent neighboring villages and low-rise residential complexes.
Attractive prospects
The population of Lviv is growing, and Lviv itself is expanding in the direction of Parkside. Thanks to this, in 4-6 years the suburban location of Parkside will turn into a comfortable sleeping area of the city.

A typical Parkside floor

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          Розробка і підтримка KLIF group

          Installment up to 5 years!

          Installment plan from the developer is provided for 2-3-room apartments in the 1st building of Parkside residential complex. The minimum initial contribution is 25%. More details: 0 800 33-05-90.